Episode 74 (12/2023)

Welcome to the 74th episode of Bad News – Angry voices from around the world, a monthly radio show produced by the Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Network.

In this episode, we will hear contributions from:

  • A-Radio Berlin- News about the current post G20 trials (Hamburg 2017).
  • Kilavo Seme- Interview on Quilombos and struggles in Brazil. For more information you can check:



  • Flora Radio, Valparaiso- An update about the “anti-takeover law” or “usurpation law”. That criminalizes territorial claims of the Mapuche, the massive land takeovers and self-construction of thousands who are homeless.

Length: 53 minutes 8 seconds


You can listen to the episode here:

Or you can download the episode from archive.org