Participating Radios

***recently active radio projects***


Free Social Radio 1431AM

Radio station, Thessaloniki, Greece

Free social radio 1431AM Thessaloniki. Broadcasting since 2001. Our motto: collective expression on the polluted city air.



Radio Kurruf

Radio station Chile

Radio Kurruf is an anarchist online radio project from Chile. Kurruf means “wind” in Mapudungun, the Mapuche language. We chose this name as a symbol of our connection with the territories that we inhabit. The defense of our spaces and our lives as well as the stuggles and resistance



Črna luknja, Radio Študent,

Radio show Črna luknja (The Black Hole) on Radio Študent; every second Thursday from 12pm to 13pm Ljubljana, Slovenia

Črna luknja is collectively run radio show on Radio Študent, that tries to cover anarchist topics locally but also across the globe. It is also part of Federation for anarchist organising (FAO).



Anarchist Radio Berlin

Podcast and Radio show Berlin, Germany

Anarchist Radio Berlin is a Berlin-based collective of radiomakers that has been working since 2009/2012. We produce a monthly podcast in German as well as a lot of other audios in German, English and Spanish that are available for anarchist and free radios everywhere. We try to connect struggles from around the world and support new projects with recording equipment. As a political collective we are also part of the Federation of German-speaking Anarchists (FdA-IFA).


Frequenz A,

Podcast/ Radioshow from Leipzig (Germoney)

We started frequenz A on the basis that all of us are searching for a life that is different than the prison society we are living in. We understand our collective  as a media project which is reflecting on recent conflicts and topics from an antiauthoritarian/anarchist point of view. That doesn’t mean that that we only report about things which belong to the anarchist or a specific subcultural scene. We report monthly about what is going on with the small and also the bigger struggles on the streets and in our everyday lives.




The Final Straw Radio

Podcast Ashville, North Carolina, USA

The Final Straw Radio is a weekly, anarchist podcast. Once described as “NPR’s The Fresh Air of Anarchist podcasts” by Anonymous in an AnarchistNews.Org Comment, TFSRadio is an all-volunteer audio project that works to bring the listener into conversations about actions and ideas around the world from an anarchist frame of mind. Check out our archives stretching back to 2009 at our website.



Anarchistisches Radio Wien

Radio show, Vienna, Austria

Anarchist Radio Vienna – Counterinformation and libertarian Statements to current political issues. The Anarchist Radio Vienna is a weelky one hour radioshow broadcast on. Radio Orange in Vienna. You can hear our Show every Sunday at 8pm CET on 94.00 in Vienna or with the webstream on You can also listen or download previous shows on



Radio show Athens, Greece

Parias is a radio show (pariah) that takes place once a week, tackles thematic shows on sociopolitical issues with invited people who participate in them or have a specific position on them, makes political and musical tributes. The show takes place on a self-hosted online radio station called Radio Reboot.


Kilavo Seme, Radio Študent

Radio show Kilavo Seme (The Bad Seed) on Radio Študent; once a month on Friday 10:15h, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Radio collective Kilavo Seme on the Radio Student is producing monthly radio show about gardening, agro-politics, environment and squatting, but as well on other related topics and struggles since 2014. Collective is strongly affiliated with comradely urban-agro collective Zadruga Urbana and also a member of Črn Trn – Radical Agrarian Association.


***participating projects***


Radio Libertaire, Paris, France

Radio station Radio Libertaire (Libertarian Radio), 89.4 fm

Radio Libertaire has been created in 1981 by the french speaking Anarchist Federation. It counts 80 programs made by 200 people, individuals, collectives, unions, associations with different contents : international struggles, workers´s struggles, prisoners´s interventions, feminism, antimilitarism, esperanto, music, etc.




Radio show on Radio Blackout in Turin, Italy

Anarres is a live talk-radio show covering a broad range of current as well as past socio-political issues, from historical facts to news on local struggles and geopolitical analyses. This two-hour show features interviews which give support to a critique of racist, fascist, capistalist and authoritarian ideologies and practices. Of course, music is also present – usually you’ll hear rock and jazz songs. As it is a consolidated practice for all the shows which are hosted by Radio Blackout, listeners interact with this show mainly via text messages. Anarres is conducted in Italian.

about Radio Blackout: it is an independent, self-financed radio broadcaster based in Torino, Italy since 1992, whose focus has from the start been the diffusion of revolutionary ideals and support for the struggle against social and economic inequality. Radio Blackout is explicitly, fundamentally and unequivocally anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sexist.



Dissident Island Radio

Radio Show London, UK

Dissident Island Radio is a radical internet radio show broadcasting on the first and third Friday of every month from a social centre in London, UK. Our shows cover a wide range of topics from climate justice to animal rights, anti-fascism to squatting, economic justice, gentrification struggles and beyond as well as featuring much frivolity and our regular DJ slot. Not content to simply produce a kick-ass radio show, the Dissident Island crew regularly throw benefit parties in various squatted venues, as well as producing a zine, and sharing our radio making skills at workshops.


Radio Parasita,

Radio station Volos, Greece

Radio Parasita is a self-organised radio station in Volos Greece.  Since 2010 it transmits via internet from its squatted studio. Every decision is made in the weekly assembly non-hierarhically and horizontally . Radio parasita’s schedule includes,antireport, music shows,political magazine shows and also live broadcasting of antiauthoritarian events, discussions and book presentations near Volos. Radio parasita’s goal is to be an open social radio station which promotes freedom, solidarity and to redefine the relation between the transmitter and the receiver.


***non active***

Radiozones of Subversive Expression

Radio station, Athens, Greece

The Radiozones of Subversive Expression is a radio station that broadcasts since 2002 in an occupied frequency of Athens territory (93,8 FM). The radio station works in a self-organized way and its purpose is the free, direct and non-commercial information and communication. Based on an open, non-hierarchical assembly, it hosts a variety of radio shows, covering demonstrations and providing counter-information. Its role is to open the microphones to everybody who has been blocked by the mainstream media.


Radio Fragmata

Radio station Athens, Greece

Anarchist/antiauthoritarian radio Radiofragmata is an initiative taken by people in order to create their own barricade against state propaganda of the mainstream mass media, and to contribute as much as possible in the act of counter information in terms of local and international level.  Our goal is to present every self-organized collective and squat and manifest the importance of self-organization and solidarity in our lives. Our principle values are POLYMORHY-SOLIDARITY-ANARCHY




Asamblea Anarquista Autoconvocada de la bahía de Quintil (ex valparaíso)

Our assembly is a space that tries to achieve several objectives. First, we want to maintain an open space for gathering between comrades that define themselves as anarchists and ethically act as ones and for those who want to get closer to our ideas and practices, to carry on with the struggle process, analysis, debates, propaganda and diverse actions.
It has been difficult to go on with our objectives these last months, but with solidarity and caring for each here and in other territories we are still with energy and conviction to continue building a friendly and transcendent space for our comrades and communities.


The Hotwire

Podcast North America

An anarchist news podcast that comes out every Wednesday in the Spring and Fall. We have the latest resistance news from North America and beyond, along with a repression round-up, political prisoner birthdays, and announcements for upcoming activities that you can tap into in real life. We’re making this podcast not only for you to better consume the news, but for you to better act on it too.

Stay informed. Stay rebel. Plug into The Hotwire.

Rara Señal

Radio station Valparaíso, territory dominated by the Chilean state.

Rara señal, is a anarcha feminist radio done by women, trans, lesbians, and no binary from the hood of the harbor. Migrants and sudaka – while we are occupying   the electromagnetic space we are conspiring against the capitalist hetero patriarchy   and it’s forms of domination.

Rara señal, es una radio anarcafeminista construida por mujeres, trans, lesbianas, no binaries de barrio, de puerto, de cerro, migrante y sudaka, que a través de la ocupación del espacio electromagnético, conspiramos contra el heteropatriarcado capitalista y sus formas de dominación.


Radio Psalidi,

Radio station Rethymno, Greece

We are a self-organised “social movement” internet radio station in the town of Rethymno on Crete.


Rosas Negras

Radio show, every second Thursday between 3 and 4 pm San Salvador, El Salvador

An anarchist radio show focused on (anarcha-)feminist topics on Radio de Todas, an online radio from the group Colectiva Feminista, that comprises several feminist associations from all El Salvador. You can listen live at

We want to spread anarcha-feminist ideas, to show the relationship between these concepts as we think that anarchism is a struggle against all authority, hierarchies and social control, whereas feminism is the fight against all disequalities that women and the LGBTI community have to endure under a patriarchal system where men have the power – while we struggle for gender equality.


Radio Revolt

Radio station Thessaloniki, Greece

Anarchist radio from Thessaloniki since 2008.



Podcast Stockholm, Sweden

Motbrus is an anarchist podcast that is published in a non-regular fashion and when the need arises. The name translates to counter-noise or anti-noise. The language of the podcast is mainly swedish, but some episodes are in english.


Bilda Kedjor

Podcast Gothenburg, Sweden

Bilda kedjor is an anarchist podcast based out of sweden. We try to go in depth on a different topic, group or tendency in every episode. Most of the episodes are in swedish, a few are interviews with comrades in english with swedish commentary.