Episode 45 (05/2021)

Welcome to the 45th episode of our monthly podcast, this time put together in Berlin. Every month we try to bring you the Bad News for the state and the capital from different places in the world. We broadcast this to show that our hearts and our thoughts are with all our friends who are in a constant fight with oppression but still are trying to organize their communities in solidarity.


1. Frequenz A: On the current uprising in Colombia
2. The Final Straw: Interview with Palestinian Filmmaker and activist Yousef Natsha
3. A Radio Vienna: Callout for international solidarity on June 11th
4. Crna Luknja: Interview from sister radio collective show Kilavo Seme
5. A-Radio Berlin: Remembering Josef Selnik,a romnja antifascist also known as Black Partisan, from Czech Republic
6. Frequenz A: On a repression case in Russia

Length: 1:20 h

And the music in this episode comes from Alice Dee and Mother Tareka 🙂

You can directly download it from archive.org