Episode 22 (05/2019)

Welcome to the 19th edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by Radio Kurruf, anarchist show on the radio in occupied Walmapu, in so-called Chile.

In this episode we will hear contributions from:

  • A-Radio Berlin shares audio from an anarchist in Belgrade, Serbia, about anti-government demonstrations
  • Dissident Island Radio from the UK, with an update in the so-called UK, including about demonstrations by  Extinction Rebellion (XR), demos in support of prisoner hunger strikes by Kurdish prisoners held by Turkey, and Goldsmiths anti-racist students occupy Depford Uni in support of university staff.

(10m 32s)

or you can download it directly from archive.org here: