Episode 70 (08/2023)

Welcome to the 70th edition of B(A)D news: angry voices from around the world, a commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, on this occasion composed by Kilavo Seme, anti-authoritarian agro-show on Radio Student from slovenia.

In this summer edition of the episode we will hear contributions of:

Anarchist Radio Berlin prepared interview on the upcoming No Border Camp in Groningen (NL). Between the 21st and the 27th of august the fifth edition of the dutch No Border Camp will take place in Groningen. We spoke with one of the organizers about the camp and the situation for people on the move in the dutch-occupied territories.

More info can be found at nobordercamps.eu or instagram.com/nobordernl/

Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Radio Network recorded a radio-roundtable after its public event in St. Imier (swiss)- anarchist gathering that took place in end of July to commemorate 150 years from the first meeting of the Anti-authoritarian International.

Total length of the show: 67′

you can listen to the episode here:

or download it from archive.org here:

Bad News 70