Episode 60 (09/2022)

BAD News 60, September 2022 by Free Social Radio 1431 AM Thessaloniki

In this episode we will hear segments from:

  • A-Radio Berlin on the anti-racist football tournament in Ljubljana, Slovenia [00:03:52 – 00:09:03]
  • Free Social Radio 1431 AM prepared an interview about the Malamatina Winery Workers strike in Thessaloniki, Greece & the pre-trial releases of anarchist political prisoners in Greece. Georgia Voulgari, Panos Kalaitzis & Thanos Xatziagkelou (accused of active member ship in Anarchist Action Organization) [00:10:08 – 00:12:58]
  • Frequenz-A prepared an interview with anarchist collective Feral Crust, based in Manila, Philippines [00:15:18 – end]

Or you can download it directly from archive,org here:

Bad News #60