Basic principles

The 24/7 radio project is defined as a platform for networking and coordination of anarchist radios from different countries.

The members of the platform support the pursuit of an emancipatory society based on solidarity with horizontal and egalitarian structures. The motivation for the network is the exchange of experiences, mutual aid, common projects and the meeting of each other from time to time.

Not desired are groups that have one or more of the following practices:

  • Support of structures or behaviour according to capitalist logic
  • Support of nationalist groups or propaganda
  • Lack of reflection of the own privileges and the own reproduction of power relations and capitalist logic
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Advocacy and implementation of hierarchical structures or relations of power
  • Supporting the idea that some forms of oppression are more important than others
  • Supporting an avantgarde strategy, in which one or more groups seek the leadership over certain social movements
  • Scapegoating certain persons or person groups for the problems of abstract structures
  • Propagating irrational worldviews (conspiracy theories etc.)

The international anarchist radio project gathers radio projects, shows/programs are aware of the diversity of anarchism. It is organized on individual, not collective, responsibility. Participation and organization is based on free association, individual and groups/collective autonomy. Everybody joining is responsible to improve the platform/tool, because there is no work division recognized inside.